One of the most annoying things in windows is, when you copy and paste something it takes the formatting with it. There is no alternative paste with only text. Some applications give you that option but in general you also copy the formatting with the text. It seems I am not the only one that…

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I’ve been using Astird for some time now. Why Astrid? Because I need the following features: Multiple task lists Most Task Managers have that. I need it to seperate Work and private. I have several Work lists, one for each customer and one for my company. Share tasks/task lists with othersNow it gets tricket. Not…

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So today I stumbled over TresoreIt and installed it. If you register via the link in this Lifehacker article you get 50GB free for life. Not bad. So set it up and from what I can tell so far it works good. Big differentce to others like google drive/dropbox/syncplicity and such is that your files are encrypted on the…

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