I decided to switch from “CSS3 Lightbox” to “Simple Lightbox”. Main reason was that “CSS3 Lightbox” did not view my pictures in a large size. There is not options page where you could configure it. The good thing about it was that it was really light weighted. “Simple Lightbox” views the pictures in a higher…

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Yep, I did it. I switched from blogger to WordPress. One thing that I loose for now is that my posts don’t show up on Google+ anymore. Googles api is still read only, something that they should really change soon. The migration itself was rather painless. Import everything, make sure that blogger redirects to my…

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I again activated that blogger posts new posting to G+. Unfortunately blogger doesn’t post to facebook and facbook doesn’t import the blog with onboard tools. It seems this was possible at some point via notices. I now use If someone knows a better solutions let me know. Now the only missing would be a easy…

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