Two big changes today.

First I turned off that gmail forwards automatically to inbox. Hint: You do that in the settings of inbox. I’ve been using inbox since Google brought it out. It is great to have a quick overview over your emails and see what is important. However it lacks some functionality. You can’t save attachments directly. You have to open them first. You also can not create a calendar entry from a ics file that was sent to you. There are probably a bunch more things that gmail can do that inbox can not. Most of the time I open the inbox url directly anyways so it won’t be really a change for me. Yes, I know. There is a link to gmail on the inbox page but I wanted to see what I will use more now.

Second change is my website theme. I was never really happy with my previous theme. It seemed to be lacking something. So I decided to browse around a bit more and found Blogrock Core. It has everything I want. At least at the moment 😉

I wish you well,


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