Google Pixel design


I’ve had been watching a couple of videos about the Pixel before I bought it. There were many complains about the look of it. Here is my take on it.

First of the chin. There are a lot of complains about it, that it is ugly and such. I actually like it. It gives the phone a symmetry. Yes, a front facing speaker would have been perfect there, then it would have been even more useful. The other thing I like about the chin is that it gives me something to grab the phone without touching the screen. I have a S7 as my work phone and I hate how often I press buttons on the keyboard while I hold it.

Speaking about the lack of the front facing speaker. Again it would have been nice to have one but I am happy with the speaker. It sounds good. I didn’t have the problem that I block it off by accident. One or even two front facing speakers would have allowed it to be a lot louder of course.

There were also complains that the fingerprint scanner is on the back. I find it great and don’t miss any front button at all. My finger reaches the scanner perfectly when I hold it. To be honest I like that I can’t just wake it up by waving over it or pressing a button on the front. Less tempting to constantly check it while working. If need by I can always just say “Ok Google”.

When I saw pictures and videos of it the glass panel on the back looked awkward. Someone said in one of the videos that the phone actually looks a lot better in real life. It does. I love the look of it. I love that it looks simple and that there not too many design features. It doesn’t look cheap.

The only things I do agree with is that for that price tag a bit more memory as well as water proof would have been nice. All in all I am very happy with it.


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