Android Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Part 2)


Somehow I got the fingerprint sensor to work. I had wiped the cache but that seemed to not have been enough. What I also did was change the lock screen to  password, reboot the phone and then switch back to the fingerprint reader. It still didn’t work properly. It worked a couple of times and then suddenly it stopped working. Now it seems to work again.

However it seems there is a new problem. Permissions for apps are missing. A couple had asked for permissions which I granted. Others didn’t ask and just didn’t work anymore. Whatsapp was one of them. It couldn’t read my contact list anymore and didn’t ask again for the permission.

I will see if I run into more problems because of that. If that is the case then I probably will have to do a factory reset and install everything again.

I wish you well


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