Android Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


This week I got the notification that I can update my note 4 to Marshmallow.  The upgrade itself ran without a hitch. I would day my phone feels a bit more responsive than before. All in all it seems the biggest changes are under the hood. A couple of ico s were updates like the icons for the phone and messaging app.

I only have one problem so far. The fingerprint sensor seems to not be available all the time when the screen is locked. Often I have to unlock with my password. Nothing happens when I seipw my finger over the sensor. Not even the message I should go slower or faster. It sometimes works so I know the sensor works in general.

I already had started into the recovery system and wiped the phones cache. The only other option I have is to do a factory reset.

I never had problems like this with my nexus. So I might be going back or maybe a Phone based on cynagen mod.

For now it’s not too big of an issue.

I wish you well


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