Cyanogenmod and Bell Canada


A while ago I installed Cynogenmod 11 on my Galaxy Nexus. I am rather happy with it. It revived my Nexus, however there is one thing that bugged me. Occasionally I got a “net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”.


I looked around a bit and found this forum entry, which provided me with the solution. I went to “Settings >> More >> Mobile networks >> Access Point Names”.


Comparing the two I could see that one has a proxy, the other one does not.

Screenshot_2014-06-24-14-26-18 Screenshot_2014-06-24-14-26-00

So I switched and the error is gone. Question is now if it is a CM problem or if Bell does something strange. Will have a look at Jens phone when I am back home to compare with a stock Nexus.

I wish you well


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