More Wordpress fun


I wasn’t happy with how I linked to images, so I changed a couple of things around. Main reason was that I wanted to have everything that is in the blog as part of the blog itself. This would make it easier if I move the blog later or export and import it into a new blog.

I first tried “Image Gallery Import”. Did what it said it would do but at least with the images from my piwigo gallery it did not list all images. So in the end a no-go. I looked around a bit more and finally stumbled over “Add From Server”. I’m uploading my pictures to pwigio via ftp anyways, so I already have them in a directory. All I had to do was point it to the directory and import the pictures I wanted. Only downside is that the image is then twice on the disk. So also not perfect, but that is the solution I have for now. It also would be nice if “Add From Server” would display the images. Maybe there is a plugin that does exactly that, I will continue to look.

I wish you well


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