I’ve been using Pushbullet now for a while and I am pretty happy with it. What it does it actually pretty simple. It allows you to push messages between Chrome and Android devices, even between Android devices, you only need to install the Chrome extension or the app for Android. As an alternative you can also just log into the website.

It is an easy way to send links, files, texts. notes and lists. On top of that it also has a mirror mode. Every notification that pops up on your phone or tablet can be mirrored to Chrome. Mat it be a new text, a facebook entry, a work email or a reminder –> I get a pop up on my laptop, glance at it and can dismiss it or react to it. I don’t have to pull my phone out or turn my tablet on, login and check what it was.

So big thumbs up for this rather simple tool.

I wish you well


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