Photo sphere on your web page


So I had again a look at how to add photo sphere images to a page. I had already a blog entry about this a while back but it seems the web page I mentioned is now up again and there are some changes. The way it used to work doesn’t work any longer.

The new way is somewhat … simpler but at the same time forces you to share your photo sphere in a way you might not want to share it. There is a “new” serves called Google View. It allows you to share photo spheres with google maps. I did not see a way to upload it to view without making it public on google maps.
So in other words: You take a christmas photo sphere of your hole family and want to include it in your blog then you have to share it with maps. That does not mean it will be visible to the world because google has to second step where Google approves a photo sphere, but it also means that you have no control over that detail. I do hope that Google will give users more options there eventually.

And here the proof:

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