Little wrap up

Just a little wrap up of things I said in previous posts.

So whats new on the Linux front. I decided to switch to Ubuntu … yes no more KDE desktop. I still struggle with Unity but I thought I give it a try. I have one KDE application that I really use a lot and that is Digikam. Problem with digikam is that it still has a very fast release cycle. They’ve been keeping it up for quite some time which I find very impressive. Downside is that I of course want to use the new features as soon as possible. If I remember correctly the current version of digikam in ubuntu is 2.5.0. The current digikam version is 2.9.0 and soon 3.0.0. I could of course continue to use KDE but unfortunately there are dependencies. So instead I chose to go with Unity and have the shines and newest digikam version instead. If something in KDE breaks I have at least a working desktop. So for now it seems to be Ubuntu with Unity.
The two way Google two way authentication went pretty good so far. Now big problems. Some minor glitches but they went away quickly. For instance I got constantly the message that my phone couldn’t communicate with the Google servers. Mail, contacts, calendar, play store, … everything worked just fine. It seems the solution was to open Google Now once. Did’t get that message since. In general I can say that the two way authentication is no obstacle so far. Now and then I need the additional ping but that’s it.
Finally my mom and my sister arrived last Saturday in Vancouver. They were a bit early and in addition I was a bit late at the airport. Had dinner together with Ken, Jen, Jamie and Mason. Jen made a roast with mashed potatoes, carrots, Yorkshire Pudding and gravy. Was really good. Sunday we got the rental car, went to a fair and out for greek food. After that I took off to Kelowna. My mom and my sister arrived in Kelowna on Monday and probably will stay till I leave on Friday.
And here a coupe of pictures I took last night …. next time I should take my tripod with me instead of leaving it in the car.

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