Welcome to

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Right now I have the following blogs on this page.

  • My private blog
    Here you will find things that I want to share about my life, most of it is “private” stuff. Well not entirely private as it is on the internet. But I think you will get what I mean.
  • My picture blog
    This is actually a sub category of my private blog. If I add more blogs I might group those different. But for now I am happy with hos this looks.
  • The technology blog
    This collects random things about technology. As I work in IT this will also include things I work with on a daily basis.

Unless otherwise stated the content on this page is my own and protected under the creative commons license, CC BY-NC 4.0 ( ).

Feel free to comment or contact me directly through the contact form. I always love to hear feedback.

I wish you well


PS: Only my mom calls me Andreas and only when I am in trouble 😉